Marked by a stretch of rugged white cliffs surrounding a small village, Flamborough is an outdoor lover’s paradise. The coastline is a great place for bird watching, hiking along windswept paths and sea-canoeing around the bay. With a scenic nature reserve and two ancient lighthouses nearby, this Special Area of Conservation is a haven for anyone looking to explore the Yorkshire Coast at its most wild and untamed.

Flamborough Lighthouse

An active lighthouse located at Flamborough head built in 1806 and acts as a waypoint for deep sea vessels and coastal traffic. Visit this famous lighthouse and expect impressive views of the coast.

North & South Landing

Hike along the North or South landing with panoramic views of the coastline or spend the day kite-surfing, rock pooling and exploring the sea caves on one of their many beaches. Want more? Take a boat tour or a fishing trip!

Danes Dyke Nature Reserve

Just a few miles from Flamborough head is an incredible 148 acre nature reserve characterised by its stunning array of wildlife and affiliation with the Heritage coast for its historic, national importance.

Flamborough Village

This prominent coastal feature used to serve as a fishing village but now offers a collection of pubs, boutique shops, restaurants and of course, the traditional fish and chips.